Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ralph the Reject Reindeer - How He Got His Name

We have a stuffed reindeer that has been in our family for about 20 years.  He is a cute little dude however, he cannot really be used as a decoration anywhere because he has a problem.  He always falls over to the left side so he always gets stashed in storage. Hence, he has earned the name Ralph the Reject Reindeer.

Seasons Greetings from Ralph the Reject Reindeer
Seasons Greetings from Ralph the Reject Reindeer

The only way to put him on display is to prop him against something.  There are not many places this can be accomplished easily, so he has spent the better part of twenty years in storage.  He was in our attic stuffed in a bag for many years until I stumbled upon him one day and got him out one holiday season.  

Quickly remembering why he was in the attic, he was placed on top of a pile of various holiday decorations in our storage room.  He sat there for a number of years until this year when I was getting out winter decorations and felt sorry for him staring down at me.

Watch the video of Ralph the Reject Reindeer falling over no matter how you sit him up.

He has joined in the family celebrations this year and has spent the season sitting around the house, glad to be free!

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