Friday, August 29, 2014

Little Fuzzy Kitty

Being up since 3:15 am and not being able to nap, in a moment of clarity sitting on my patio sipping coffee, I came up with this poem about my cats...

Little Fuzzy Kitty
Little Fuzzy Kitty

Little fuzzy kitten, with your furry paws,
Everytime I'm nice, you scratch me with your claws.

Little fuzzy kitten, you're such a hairy bitch,
I really. miss my dog, maybe I should switch.

Little fuzzy kitten, you're such a pain to me,
I should get a German Sheppard, maybe then you'd see.

Little fuzzy kitten, chompin' on my plants,
When I awake and find your yak, it makes me go into rants.

Little fuzzy kitten, pissing out of your box,
I just may take you on a hike, and feed you to a fox.

The End