Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Petition Against Petitions to Secede From the United States

In the wake of the recent U. S. Presidential Election, there has been a flare up of people starting petitions for their state to secede from the United States.  One is circulating in my home state of Pennsylvania.

Seriously people?

There is no way in hell I would sign this, but everyone has their rights.  However, after Pennsylvania succeeds in becoming it's own Nation, and after I move out, I want the inhabitants to tell me:

Where are you going to go for help when a natural disaster hits (No more FEMA). 

Where are you going to go to get student aid for your kids going to college (no more FAFSA or Sallie Mae).

How are you going to send a letter without paying a fortune (No more Federal Post Office).

When you get old and can't afford medical care, who is going to pay for it (No more Medicare OR Medicaid).

When you retire, what are you going to live off of (No more Social Security).

...and who is going to defend you when you get attacked (No more U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, National Guard or Coast Guard).

I'll volunteer a name for your new country, "United Idiots of Pennsylvania".

And when you realize what you lost and move into my State, I'm going to petition to have you thrown out.  Because you don't support the United States of America.


The United States is the great country it is today because of the structure that it has had since it's birth. DON'T MESS WIT IT!

Please share if you believe in the United States of America.

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