Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flying Monkeys and it isn't the Wizard of Oz

So my daughter and I were sitting on the porch talking this evening.  Yes, I have a teenager that actually talks to their parent.  She tells me that she had a dream last night that our town was invaded by monkeys.  With jet packs, weapons, and all...    How do you even respond to something like that?  

She seems to have this thing with monkeys.  When she was younger, she comes downstairs and says "I may be dreaming because I just woke up, but I swear I just saw two monkeys in the tree in the backyard".    After I laughed uncontrollably she said "Well, the could have escaped from the zoo!"  Regaining my composure, I questioned her on what exactly they looked like.  Convinced that she actually saw something, although most likely not a monkey, I rummaged through some photos on the internet, then showed her a picture.  Bingo!  She apparently saw a couple of the opossums that were living in our neighborhood at the time.

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